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American Data Supply carries a complete line of Fiber Optic Test Equipment including Advanced Fiber Solutions Optical Power Meters, Data Storage Power Meters, Fiber Optic Light Source, Fiber Optic Laser Sources, OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer), Fiber Test Kits, Fiber Tool Kits and more. Our partner manufacturer, Advanced Fiber Solutions produces a complete line of fiber optic test equipment. Our goal is to create innovative products that equip our customers with the tools they need to be as efficient as possible. Advanced Fiber Solutions offers products that reflect many years of collective experience developing and supporting fiber optic test equipment for thousands of users.

Advanced Fiber Solutions introduces a new line of OTDR's. One of the most compact products on the market today. We offer five different models starting at extremely competitive pricing.

uOR-100 Series and uOR-200 Series Micro OTDR We are pleased to announce the release of a new line of micro OTDR's. We offer five models. Four singlemode versions with different dynamic ranges and one multimode version. The unit is powered via the PC USB port and requires no batteries or external power supply.

The uOR-100 and uOR-200 Micro PC-Based OTDR measures the attenuation in optical fibers and splices, as well as the length and the distance to any event, such as a break in fiber link. The Micro OTDR is the perfect tool for the construction, maintenance and restoration of cable plants and also as an educational tool. The Micro OTDR is accurate enough for laboratory use but portable and rugged enough for field applications.

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Identifiers-OTDRs-Network Sims or Pulse Suppressors-Fiber Optic Talk Sets-Interferometers-Reference Cables
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OM100 Power Meter Data Sheet

AFS-OTDR Specifications

The OR-2-2 is a mini PC-Based OTDR measures attenuation in fiber optic cables and splices in those fibers as well as length and distance to fault locations. This OTDR is perfect for the construction and maintenance of cable plants and as an educational tool. The OR-2-2 is accurate enough for laboratory use, but rugged enough for field applications.

OLK-51 -Testkit with power meter and light source
OLK-61 -Testkit with Data Storage power meter and light source
TBX-5 -Testkit with power meter, light source and termination tool kit
TBX-6 -Testkit with Data storage power meter, light source and termination tool kit

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American Data Supply Carries A Full Line Of Fiber Optic Test Equipment Products from several leading manufacturers. We have a complete line of Power Meters, Light Sources,OTDR's, Test Kits, Optical Power Meters, Inspection Scopes, and many more.

If you do not see your product listed, please call our sales office for additional information or click on the live chat button at the top of the page to talk to us. .National Data Supply also carries refurbished fiber optic test equipment at greatly reduced prices.

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We carry manufacturers from Advanced Fiber Solutions,Noyes, Fluke, Seikoh Giken, Ideal, Exfo, Perkin Elmer, Ocean Optics and more. We carry a full range of OTDR's, Optical Loss Power Meters, Laser and LED Light Sources,Fiber Optic Splicing Kits, and more. We Have Hundreds Of Fiber Optic Test Equipment Products- Too Many To List Here- If It's Fiber Optic Related Test Equipment- We Have It- For LESS!!

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