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Fiber Optic Media Transceivers

American Data Supply carries a complete line of fiber optic transceivers from several different manufacturers. General products include stand alone fiber optic transceivers, Rack Mount Media Transceivers, Multiplexers, Fiber Optic Data/Telephone Multiplexers; Fiber Ethernet Switches, Transceivers & Media Converters and Ethernet/Fiber/RS-232 Telephone Extenders. Specialty products include Industrial-Hardened Ethernet and Multi-Drop Fiber Modems & Multiplexers for SCADA, Traffic Control, Security & Process Control applications. Fiber Optic Modems are often used to link various process control systems in manufacturing plants, refineries, and more.

10Base-FL Ethernet Fiber Optic Transceivers
(Model TC3100) Prices Start at $250.00 ea.

Fiber optic transceivers are typically used to extend distances to workstations, Hubs and Bridges. They are also used to eliminate ground loop problems and EMI/RFI interference in hostile environments.

MRV Products
Repeaters, Media Converters, and Fiber Optimizers

The Fiber DriverT product family from MRV Communications provides innovative solutions for creating cost effective, end-to-end managed fiber optic infrastructures. It consists of 100's of different managed and unmanaged boosters, repeaters and switches.

Media Converters
Copper (RJ-45 or Coax) to fiber and multimode to single-mode converters for any protocol
Repeat & retime signal for distance extension
Single-Fiber Links
Repeaters & converters with single-fiber interfaces
Redundant/Self-Healing Links
Repeaters/converters with backup links
Managed Optical Ethernet Termination
Managed Optical Ethernet Termination modules
Miniature Ethernet Switches
3/4/5/6 port 10/100BaseTX and 100BaseFX switches
Fiber Multiplexers
T1/E1 and Ethernet Multiplexers
Application Specific Products
SAN products, Transparent Bandwidth Limiter

MRV Fiber Driver Products
Fiber Driver-Optoelectronic Transceivers- Product Line

MRV's Fiber Driver line of products provides a full range of solutions for media conversion, signal repeating, and fiber-optimization, including CWDM and DWDM systems.  Both managed and unmanaged solutions are available, including rack-mount, modular systems and desktop systems.  The Fiber Driver line includes several families of products with 100s of modules and system options for any type of optical or copper technology, covering virtually every protocol in use in networking today.

Fiber Driver Media Converters, Repeaters, and Optimizers

Pluggable Media Connect Systems

Fiber Driver Wave-Division Multiplexing Systems

Fiber Driver Plug-In Optical and Copper Interfaces

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