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American Data Supply carries a complete line of fiber optic telephone extenders ranging from simple "quick talk" telephone extenders to multi-line (24 channel) PBX line extenders allowing you to use existing fiber optic cable to run your voice needs over 2 fiber strands or install fiber optic cable one time and use fiber optics for security proof voice, data, IP, video services on one media- fiber.

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Additional Fiber Optic Extenders- Allows Voice-Data-IP-Video -extend Voice PBX Service Via Fiber Optic Cable

Analog/Intercom/Data Fiber Optic Multiplexer
(TC8000 Series*) Prices Start at $1,088.00 ea.

Up to 28 Analog/Intercom and/or RS-232, RS-422, TTL, Dry Contact & Closure Channels
2-Wire or 4-Wire Analog
Voice Bandwidths from 300Hz to 3.4Khz
Multimode or Single Mode (850/1300/1550nm)
Built-In Power Redundancy
Optical Redundancy (Optional)
Rackmount or Standalone
(TC8000 Series*) Prices Start at $1,088.00 ea.


The TC8000 Series* is a highly specialized 4-to-28 channel analog and data Fiber Optic Multiplexer that extends 600 Ohm audio and data channels to remote sites in a campus network. Users can mix or match audio/intercom channels or RS-232, RS-422, TTL and Dry Contact Interfaces in increments of four up to a maximum of 28 channels. The intercom interface is for 4-wire voice communication (handsets) and the analog interface is 2/4-wire, 600 Ohm transformer coupled. It is typically used for Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) applications.

Since the TC8000 digitizes the analog and voice signals (PCM), voice quality does not degrade over extended distances. Distances to 80 km* are typical over single mode fiber, 4 km over multimode fiber.
It supports analog audio channels from 300Hz to 3.4KHz and asynchronous data rates to 19.2Kbps. Diagnostics include LEDs for "Alarm," "Power A," "Power B," "Tx," "Rx" and "Sync". Power redundancy is standard, optical redundancy is optional. Fiber optic connectors are ST or FC. Electrical connectors are RJ-11. Power is 12VDC or 115/230VAC with an external power cube. 24VDC and -48VDC options are also available.

The TC8000 is available standalone or rack mount. Standalone versions (TC8000S) support up to 8 channels, rack mount versions (TC8800R) support up to 28 channels. The TCRM195 19" rackmount card cage supports up to 8 channels and TCRM191 19" rackmount card cage supports up to 28 channels. Four RJ-11 ports are provided on the rear side to connect with handsets or customer's audio devices. A hardened temperature version (-20°C to 70°C), Model TC8000T, is also available for harsh environments.

The TC8000 is based on modern FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) technology. As a result, it benefits users by enabling optimum flexibility, low current consumption, high reliability and maximum MTBFs.

*Note: For ordering purposes, TC8001 is the Intercom version, TC8002 is the 4-wire Analog version, TC8005 is the 2-wire Analog version and TC8003 is the Data version.

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